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18 February 2011

Why IBM Watson's Win?

CNN: Well humans, it's been a good ride, but after being eviscerated by IBM's supercomputer Watson on "Jeopardy!," it's probably time to pack up the truck and let the machines inherit the Earth.

Or is it?

17 February 2011

IBM's Watson (Supercomputer) 1, Humans 0: Final Score on Jeopardy (Video)

NEW YORK (AP) – Note to self: Never play "Jeopardy!" with a supercomputer.

That's a useful lesson for me or any mortal who has followed the Man vs. Machine faceoff this week on the popular trivia game show, where on Wednesday the second of two exhibition matches sealed the deal: Watson, the IBM-created megabrain, officially buried his flesh-and-blood opponents, veteran "Jeopardy!" champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

16 February 2011

IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Plays Against Humans

Watson, the IBM computer created to be a champ-challenging contestant on Jeopardy!, chewed up and spat out humanity's finest knights of trivia Wednesday night in a $77,147 drubbing of past record winners Ken Jennings ($24,000 total) and Brad Rutter ($21,600).