18 February 2011

Why IBM Watson's Win?

CNN: Well humans, it's been a good ride, but after being eviscerated by IBM's supercomputer Watson on "Jeopardy!," it's probably time to pack up the truck and let the machines inherit the Earth.

Or is it?

Anna Nicole Smith Opera Opens for Business

BBC: Anna Nicole Smith found fame and infamy in equal measure, as a 25-year-old Playboy model and the bride of an octogenarian multi-millionaire more than 60 years her senior.

17 February 2011

Apple's Steve Jobs to Attend Barack Obama Meeting

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Apple Inc Chief Executive Steve Jobs will attend a meeting in California on Thursday with President Barack Obama, a source familiar with the meeting said.

IBM's Watson (Supercomputer) 1, Humans 0: Final Score on Jeopardy (Video)

NEW YORK (AP) – Note to self: Never play "Jeopardy!" with a supercomputer.

That's a useful lesson for me or any mortal who has followed the Man vs. Machine faceoff this week on the popular trivia game show, where on Wednesday the second of two exhibition matches sealed the deal: Watson, the IBM-created megabrain, officially buried his flesh-and-blood opponents, veteran "Jeopardy!" champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

16 February 2011

About Wachovia Online

About Wachovia Online: WACHOVIA ONLINE, Wachovia, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo is a diversified financial services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Before its acquisition by Wells Fargo, Wachovia was the fourth largest bank holding company in the United States based on total assets. The purchase of Wachovia Corp. by Wells Fargo and Company was completed on December 31, 2008. Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia after a forced sale by the government to avoid a failure of Wachovia.

Wachovia Online Banking Services

Wachovia Online Banking Services: Wachovia Bank NYSE:WB, Charlotte based, is one of the largest banking chains in the United State. Wachovia Bank was established on September 4, 2001 after a merger of the Charlotte- based First Union Corporation with Winston-Salem-based Wachovia Corporation.

Borders Bankruptcy 2011

Borders Group filed for bankruptcy protection this morning, marking a sad milestone for the book retailer and a blow to employees, stock holders, book publishers… and the already battered commercial property business.